La Vista de Fuera de Casa

As we get ready for our trip to North London on sunday we asked Tottenham fan Dicky Grethee to give us  his thoughts…

  1. How is your season going so far?

Pretty bad. The reverse of last season. Great away form. Poor home form, but we are coming good at Wembley now


  1. You must be feeling quite positive after the Madrid game…

Oh yes. We have beaten Dortmund who are top of the Bundesliga and now nearly beat Real away. We can still easily lose to Burnley though!


Yes, we know that feeling well……

   3. Who is performing for you? According to Pep, It’s Harry Kane and 10 other blokes….

Pep used to manage a team of Spanish primadonas and now manages a team of Manucunian primadonas. What does he know? Pochettino manages a team of underpaid footballers who will all leave at the end of the season if we don’t win anything. He knows pressure. We have more strength in depth than people credit us for. There are some gems on the bench that have not been shone to the world yet. The main team work as a team and all gel together amazingly. They are not a bunch of overpaid individuals.


  1. So Spurs vs Liverpool this weekend: what are you expecting?

I am a bit nervous. Liverpool can either destroy us or destroy themselves. Whatever happens it will be a good atmosphere. The Liverpool fans always appreciate good football. I remember when we beat you at Anfield and Klinsmann got a standing ovation from all fans. That does not happen at any other club.

We will win though 3-1


Jurgen Klinsmann gets standing ovation at Anfield after scoring late winner for Spurs in 1995 FA Cup 1/4 Final


  1. We both seem to be perennial favourites for the club that could be the new top 4 member – what are your hopes and expectations for the season?

I think we are more solid than you guys. I think Arsenal are finished. I think we have a better defence and more solid team. I think Liverpool have the chance to score more goals, but not every game.

We will be third and Liverpool will be fourth

Chelsea will implode.


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